Sunday, October 20, 2013

UPDATE: School Supplies, Beginning Construction

A Busy Few Months

We do not have a school in our village(s) so the children who are able go to school have to attend a boarding school some distance away. Every 3 months or so they have a 3 week break so they return to us. This is always a time of rejoicing but it is also a time that we know that in order for the children to return to school, there is a large need to come up with the required school fees and supplies they need to attend. This time it was very difficult to raise those needs. We are very grateful for those who have responded in their hearts to pray and contribute to those needs. The needs of these children are not going to just go away anytime soon. Like any family, this is a very long term commitment and for us, one that expands with time as more children are orphaned in the community. God bless you all for your responses, prayers and support.

 Recent distribution of school supplies donated

Outlying Areas

We have been spending quite a bit of time visiting people in our village and outlying areas lately ministering to needs both physical and spiritual needs...

The Need For A Stable Location

Some time ago we received a very generous specific donation to purchase some land for a permanent "home" for the ministry and the children. Even though such a goal seems well out of our reach, we embraced this goal knowing that the present location we rent is really not adequate for the type of ministry we are involved in. We have purchased a piece of property with that donation. The new location will be far more adaptable to the needs and provide a stable home for orphans we cannot place with cooperating "foster" families. The new location is in an outlying location providing a much better and safer atmosphere for the children and better access for the people we minister to. We would like to request ongoing prayer and support for this effort as it will greatly enhance our ability to minister to the needs in the area in the long term.

Beginning Construction

A little while ago we were enabled to purchase some materials to start construction of the first wing of the childrens home. The entire 3 wings of the children's home alone will cost $23,000 USD and we are totally dependent on God touching people's hearts to raise up support for this project... Below are pictures of recent initial construction. This "small beginning" has been the cause of much rejoicing among us.

The walls on this wing are ready and waiting for the roof to be built...
For more information on this and other goals please see the links in the "Pages" menu to the left of this page:
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