Sunday, November 24, 2013

Projects: Ministry Update


We would like to express our gratitude for all of you who have contributed in prayer and financial support to this ministry and would like to update you on a few major projects that are ongoing here at OOCM.

Village Agricultural Improvement Project

The agricultural classes held by friends of OOCM on November 8th, 2013 (the third in a series) went very well with many in the village in attendance. The villagers in the area are very responsive to agricultural education so far and are appreciative of it.

Mukulu Jonathan recently was selected by the village to attend an Agricultural Conference in Kampala, Uganda to gain more insight into improving the farming methods of the villagers. He has brought back a great deal of insight on improving local village agriculture to enhance the food production in the area.

This is a very important project as most of the food for the village is acquired by local farming. But, because of poor farming methods and understanding, the crop yield is very low. This project is a blessing to the community and as such helps to bring much stability for the orphan children and the families that eventually take them into their families. We thank God for this wonderful opportunity and that it is going very well. We have included some pictures from one of our classes below.

Children's Home

The construction of the first wing of the children's home is coming along well. Recently, most of the roof was installed with exception of about 10 sheets of roofing that we are lacking at present. This children's home will provide much more stability to the children and our ministry. You can see more about this project by clicking on the link "OOCM Action Plan" on the left side of this page. More construction photos are forthcoming. You can also, if you have a facebook account, see many more pictures of the children, villagers, staff and the new first wing's construction available on Mukulu Jonathans page.

Agricultural Class Photos

 Agricultural teams were teaching some improved methods and measures on how to protect some crops from pests, diseases, weeds and a teaching to how to maintain, proper handling and use of the spray pumps ... It was a happy moment and we thank the lord for this progress...

Giving out the gift of supplies to widows and other groups. It was a very good time for them and OOCM staff...

Widows, vulnerable families and youths were empowered in receiving these gifts items (3 spray pumps) from OOCM we thank donors for blessing this unfortunate, neglected remote village area of our ministry and blessing the communities at large... God bless you

Some of them had never seen a pump like this before and never used them. We were teaching and giving tips to one of the widows and a youth leader on how to maintain and spray a small garden for pest and weed control, and to prevent diseases to plants. It was a great blessing and achievement. We thank God for this provision to OOCM and we also thank you all for your prayers and support in the long term.

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