Saturday, February 15, 2014

From the Director

From: Mukulu Jonathan director of OOCM along with staff of Oasis Orphans Care Ministry in Kamuli, Uganda

Dancing a little with joy and smiles with orphan children, widows at OOCM in Uganda's poor villages. Most of these children have no families, live in worse areas than in an American or Western landfill. Lack food, poor education facility, poor accommodations, clothes and lack of medical care, long ways to water sources, power.

We are working very hard to get them a better life and hope. We have much to learn from these children. They don't ask for any thing but just praying to God, praise and worship to thank God for visitors and blessings.

School started already although there are still needs for supplies and regular donations. Also we would like to continue on our permanent buildings project which at present is on hold. I would love to thank friends who have donated and still in practice to reach victory, millstones and horizons for orphans to stand a better life... We appreciate any donation small or large.

There is an online donation link and other donation info on our Support page in the menu page to the left.

Children are always happy to know they will be able to attend school

Children's home and OOCM center first wing of 3