Thursday, August 7, 2014

School Break Kids Party

The children recently started a three week break so we decided to hold a party for them at the OOCM ministry center we are believing God to complete. The children love to gather there on the property and play and share a meal. It is always a time of happiness for the children to finish a school term. The break they are in now is about three weeks long. Then, as we always trust God, we will have the funds and supplies to send them back to school.

As you can see below, at present, we have two buildings that are in the process of being completed. Funding to complete them has been slow coming in but we are confident in our Lord that we will be able to complete them as well as a third building so we can begin to function from the new center.

Please consider prayer support and donations that aid greatly in making quite a difference in the lives of orphans, widows and the destitute. The changes in all these children, many of them orphaned, is beautiful. More information can be found on how to support this work can be found HERE.

Please pray for a colorful future for the needy in Uganda! We have faith that a journey of a thousand miles starts by one step. So we are... 

Click on the photos below to enlarge...

Some of the kids eating with the two unfinished buildings in the background
The one on the left desperately needs a roof.

It's always nice to have a party during their break from school.
Photo taken from the entrance to the property.

Hanging out in the cool grass...

Eating in the shade...

Mukulu Jonathan, the director, with other adults sharing a meal
while the children enjoy themselves playing.