Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shortfalls, Faith and Enduring

Indeed it is faith, like we have been in hard times these previous few of months, that all we could do was pray for provision and to remain strong to do the work of the ministry. Our Lord has been doing good in every thing going on - not only in me as director but also with staff, the little children and widows with orphans too. - Mukulu Jonathan

Some time ago in the first quarter of this term, we borrowed items and scholastic material on credit for Oasis orphan children. I thank God because things helped out but I failed to make a blog update with pictures at the time when giving out school supplies. Due to great lack (even to the present day) of school materials at Oasis-for kids to complete the term and food needs, we borrowed from others. It is our kindly request from friends who can bless the situation, to help out in this time of trouble by doing what you can for the children and so we can pay back what we owe.

Pictures can say and do more than a thousand words. Orphans and other children in the village were very happy to get these school supplies. Without them they cannot attend school. It is like in a family. The mother can go to a store and charge food and other home items and as it gets to table, the kids can not know it was borrowed, they just feel happiness and rejoice. So it is with the Oasis children. They are happy for the school supplies.

We seek your prayers and if you are able to do something for orphans needs please contact me so we can complete paying back the borrowed credits. Also if you are interested, you can send Bibles, gospel books and kids writing notebooks and any other physical assistance. We also desperately need a laptop computer and ours died quite a while ago.  If you give and support the needy orphans and poor widows surely the Lord blesses your family and open doors for you. Thank you for you continued prayer and support. 
(See our "Support" page above.)

We have posted some pictures of a recent distribution of school supplies for your enjoyment. Please pray for the widows and children.

You can click on the pictures to enlarge.

Happy Children - School Supplies!
Children/widows waiting for supplies

More children waiting for supplies
Some happy orphans with supplies
Mukulu Jonathan with grateful children

Staff passing out supplies