Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Oasis Orphans Care Ministry - Uganda

After Mukulu Jonathan's facebook account was hacked last month and the vast majority of contacts (friends) were deleted it has made communications difficult. If you were a "friend" go to Mukulu Jonathan's page and check at the top. If you were not deleted it will show a "Friends" button as checked. If it doesn't you will have to send a new friend request. 85 of the 250 friends have been recovered so far. If you have shared OOCM related posts it is likely that any of your friends that became friends of Mukulu's page do not know this. Please share this post at least once so people will know. This whole event has of course seriously dented prayer and financial support as well. This post is an attempt to bridge that communications gap.

-- 10/18 There was severe winds recently that blew off the roof of the pit latrine/toilet building with some damage also to the upper walls as well as rain damage. This is a serious sanitation problem for the OOCM ministry center and for the children. Please pray that this will be resolved and repaired/replaced. The estimate is $700 USD.

-- 10/15 There are 4 children of a disabled mother in the village who are in serious condition from an accident with boiling water. They have serious life threatening burn injuries and are in the hospital. Please pray for them and any hospital expenses.

-- 10/07 There are many needs of the children that are lacking (approx $400 USD) for food, educational supplies, etc. Please pray that these needs will be met.

-- A friend of the ministry from Alabama has sent clothes for 40 children. Please pray that they arrive safely.

-- The children's Bunkbed project at the center is well underway with the frames being done. Mattresses are still needed.

Please contact Mukulu Jonathan for further information via facebook chat. (He has messenger on his phone)

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